A couple of years back we (myself and my family) were engrossed with the financial problems such as inappropriate and unhealthy investments in mutual funds, shares, insurance policies, deposits and tax returns etc. Hence, we were on a look-out for a sincere, efficient and trusted Financial Consultant cum Planner who would maintain and keep a track on our behalf and extend all financial support through timely advices, suggestions and assistance.

Co-incidentally I happen to attend a seminar conducted at Tech Mahindra by Horus team, which was quite impressive and educative. It gave me a vision on the aspects of financial planning – ‘a systematic process which takes care of individuals needs and aspirations connecting it with cash flow and risk management’. This completely changed our thought process regarding financial matters and the importance of planning just then, to tackle them. Further to our couple of meetings with their Financial Planner, we enrolled ourselves with them. Then onwards they paid personal attention in solving all issues and problems narrated above and added many beneficial products which are specifically suited for us. A befitting portfolio has been created for the smooth running of the family for years to come.

We find Horus planner quite efficient, dedicated, painstaking and conversant with the very latest practices and techniques in optimising the returns from the available funds. At a marginal fees, we get much more qualitative and quantitative returns from them. We would strongly recommend them as a real financial planner.

We wish Horus to flourish through many more branches and extend their services to much more needy families.

-- Raghavendra & Radhika Rao

We are associated with Horus since 2011 and it has been an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Eye-opening because they have introduced me to a vast facet of personal financial planning I never knew existed. From detail goal planning to its protection through pure insurance and a well diversified investments strategy to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow, it has been built beautifully and now I have more confidence in taking financial decisions as I know everything has been planned out to the last details and there is going to be very few untoward surprises.

I have found a new way to live life to the fullest because after all everything we do in life is to get the maximum out of what we have.
Thanks a lot Horus!!

-- Vikas & Arati Deshpande

I know Horus for over 3 years now. I choose them as my financial planner nearly a year ago.

Since my association I am primarily working with Abhishek Agarwal who I think is an "Advisor" in every sense of that word. Unlike most other financial planners he is not sales motivated. For someone like me in the "advice" business, it is a refreshing change to deal with someone not motivated by selling financial products which don't necessarily meet my needs.

His proactive approach to financial planning has already put me in a much stronger position. With his help and advice, I hope to build upon this foundation so that my future is financially secure.

An experienced professional, a good friend and most importantly he is someone I can completely trust, and therefore have no problem in recommending him to any friends or colleagues.

-- Vikram T Katyani, Independent IT Consultant

Professionals here are with the intent to make awareness and educate their client i.e.
  • Through understanding of goals of life which required good Financial Planning and deep understandings about the events of life
  • Advising right back up plans in case of uncertainties like Basic Emergency Fund, Term, Medical, Accidental and Critical Illness Plan (Client is free to implement it from anywhere)
  • Prepare well diversified portfolio (in true sense) and give inputs for investments at right time which I see is a very strong point
  • -- Mahendra & Varsha Chavan