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Corporate Interventions

Financial awareness seminar :

1. "Developing A Healthy Attitude Towards Money" (DHAM)

This is an awareness seminar which puts light on various financial matters of individuals/families and help them to develop a right attitude towards money. The main contents of the session would be as follows:

  • How to bring greater awareness regarding one's Income & Expenses.
  • Importance of clear identification of one's 'Financial Goals'.
  • Loan - A Different perspective
  • Investment Returns : Setting the 'Right' Expectation
  • Insurance - Protection or Investment?
  • Tax Planning - 'Buy Product' or a 'by product'?

2. "Buyer Beware - Pit falls along the path of investment":

This is an awareness seminar on the various pit falls that an investor faces in the mostly jargonistic financial jungle. This gives the investor the right perspective of various financial tools available in the market. The main contents of this session would be as follows:

  • Understanding the various investment options in the correct way.
  • Dos and Don'ts in particular investment .
  • Philosophy and purpose of individual investment instruments.
  • Behavioral errors committed by investors.
  • Precautions to be taken on the road to financial freedom.

3. Behavioral Finance

This is an educative and interactive session with complete focus on understanding the behavioral patterns of people when it comes to their decisions with money. The session would deal with in detail the following points:

  • Traditional finance Vs Behavioral Finance
  • Various theories on Behavioral Finance
  • Understanding the theories using hypothetical situations

This service would be absolutely free of cost and is purely with an intention of creating awareness about the need for professional financial planning across all levels of employees.

Financial Health Clinic

This is a one on one counseling session usually spanning 45mins to 1hr and gives a quick analysis of one's current financial health and suggestions on immediate remedies. This is done mainly in large organizations enabling us to reach out to maximum people from various strata of society with high efficiency and is concurrent with our mission statement.

Corporate educational intervention : FiNavigator

This educational capsule equips the participant with a "Do It Yourself" tool kit to help him get started with his own financial planning.

Money is child's play (MICP)

This program is an exotic trip into the world of finance for kids of age group 7 to 14 years, this workshop consists of 8 sessions of 2 hrs each. The sessions would be filled with stories, videos, role plays and activities enabling the children to understand these concepts in a very simple and entertaining manner. This program teaches the kids the basics of money right from its origin to the technology used today for it.