Our Recommended Philosophy

About Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of
  • Identifying your needs and aspirations
  • Converting them into quantifiable values considering inflation
  • Analyze your cash flows to derive your risk and return parameters
...and thereby helping you to invest your money in such a way as to take you as close as possible towards achieving your dreams by making suitable periodic course corrections.

Our Perspective of Risk and Return

The general perspective is that the returns are proportional to the risk undertaken. As the popular saying goes, "No risk, No gain" or "Higher the risk higher the possibility of returns. Though this appears to be correct, it is incomplete. The question is, where do i cap my expectation of returns?

Most people do not have an answer to this. In Horus we anchor the expectation around 4 parameters:

  • The size of the financial objectives.
  • The time availability for each of the goals
  • The affordability in terms of the net surplus generated each year
  • The life stage of the individual
Based on these parameters, we first derive the returns that should be generated through investments and in turn create the investment portfolio with appropriate asset allocation. This approach gives us a more practical methodology to decide on what risk profile a person SHOULD have rather than what risk profile he WANTS to have.

Our Recommended Process